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We Protect the Research that Changes the World.

Developed by leading computational scientists and security specialists at a world-class high performance computing research center, our Multi-Factor Authentication is proven, reliable, flexible, cost-effective and designed specifically for HPC.

Product Details.

We’ve defended over 100 Million brute force attacks to date. Check out our superior, yet flexible solution below:

Open Source

Built using superior, standards-based open-source security technology, allowing for full customization.

Total Flexibility

Bring any device (BYOD), use any token combination, migrate at your own pace, and scale as needed.

Cost Effective

We offer advanced MFA security at a fraction of the cost compared to current market leaders.

Live Support

Our support team is available 24/7 to assist with any questions, or reference our user-friendly documentation.

Soft Tokens

Soft tokens are available for iPhone and Android mobile devices with custom skins.

SMS, Email, Phone

Other authentication options include sending text messages, emails and phone calls.

Smart Watches

We offer soft tokens for various Apple and Android smart watches as needed.

Hard Tokens

We offer hard tokens with custom skins at any volume.


We have a simple two-step pricing plan:  1) Select your setup plan, and 2) Select your ongoing support plan.

Do It Yourself

$5k One-Time
  • We provide documentation, your IT department sets everything up.
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Work Together

  • We setup a virtual machine and work together on installation.
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  • Email and chat technical support at $125/hr. Inquiries are addressed in order after Premium and Unlimited Customers.
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  • 9am – 5pm CST phone support with 5 free credit hours. $150/hr consulting support for phone, email, and chat once credits expire.
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You’re Covered.

Our support team built our superior MFA technology from the ground up. Rest assured we can resolve any issue you may have.